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Calcite ultra fine grinding machine

Date:2018-07-19 16:48

Calcite ultra fine grinding machine is very popular with today's customers. It's high powder fineness is the highlight. However, the grinding ring and roll are still need to be noticed all the time.
At present, most of the mill equipment used in the market is based on the principle of extrusion between the grinding ring and roller. The grinding roller and grinding ring in the mill are the main moving parts for grinding materials. The different clearance between the grinding rolls serves for obtaining various output material size. However, after a long-time working, the roller of the mill will wear out and slowly become thinner, which will affect the normal production. In that case, how should the grinding roller be replaced?
In fact, there is no clear time for the life of the roller, because the wear degree of the roller is different and the different materials have different impacts. However, when the wall thickness of the roller is less than 10mm, the roller will be scrapped and it need to be replaced. In general, the service life of the roller can be replaced when it works up to 500 hours. Timely cleaning for the grinding roll and bearing is seriously required. If the roller is not changed in time, the roller will be seriously worn and become irregular oval, which will increase the noise and vibration of the machine. Therefore, the material particles and powder fineness are also very uneven.
The wear roll is a vulnerable part, and the loss affects the use and life of the whole mill. In order to prolong the service life of the mill, it is necessary to maintain and check the grinding roller regularly. Not only should it be replaced in time, but also the loosening of the link nut of the roller is checked regularly, if it is found. If it is loose, it should be fastened in time. At the same time, the wear condition of the vulnerable parts, such as the blade and the bearing, should be dealt with in time, so as to avoid serious wear and affect the normal operation of the mill.
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