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Sealing situation of ultra fine grinding machine

Date:2018-07-05 14:40

For the ultra-fine grinding machine, the sealing problem is as important as its inner core parts. It is one of the factors that have a significant impact on production, so it is also an important aspect to be paid attention to when it is installed and used. Here we are to introduce the importance of the seal.
First of all, if the ultra fine grinding machine is not sealed when working, it will cause the overflow of the internal dust. This phenomenon will not only cause environmental pollution, but also make dust into the bearing clearance and lubrication system. As a result, the bearing parts will be worn more quickly. In addition, when the dust enters into the lubricating system, the lubricating oil can be polluted, thus leading to the oil deterioration. Anyway, the seal problem is to be noticed all the time.
Secondly, when the superfine grinding machine is in production, it is in the state of negative pressure. If there is a problem, the pressure will change, which will cause changes in the working state of the machine, so the performance of the equipment will be affected.
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